Security Officers can minimise crime for the Capital’s Businesses

We welcomed 2013 with open arms as we continued to embrace our mission of delivering outstanding security services focused on caring, compassion, and excellence. Our industry-leading training methods and strategies set us apart from our competitors when it comes to delivering outstanding services. Our officers continue to create a positive image to all our clients.

It is true to say that London is one of the largest financial districts in the world and certainly the biggest in Europe.
However with such a diverse and progressive life-style there are regrettably many who prefer to acquire your products and goods without payment, posing profit losses to businesses every day.

Our projects in London and those that are situated in the city present some interesting challenges. These challenges relate to three key security issues and demonstrate how our security solutions on the ground are tailored to match very specific corporate needs; that are satisfied through a healthy, collaborative approach to security provisions.
Choosing long term security protection with One Staff Solutions Ltd. you will be supplied with skilled and congenial officers, correctly attired dependent on the demands of your business organisation. You can be assured that our officers will guard your business, clientele and staff thoroughly.

What you can count on from One Staff Solutions?

The security requirements of financial organisations and businesses can be intricate. Facilities, staff, processes and client data all need to be secure. That is when our expertise becomes invaluable. Concerns about security and welfare of staff and clients are an unnecessary worry, for businesses that contract One Staff Solutions for their security requirements. With One Staff Solutions officers on site, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most dependable service available.

Our ability and experience enables us to offer security measures such as:

  • Concierge Services
  • Admittance Control
  • Monitoring Security Electronics
  • On site patrols
  • Car park Security
  • Monitoring of electronic admittance and surveillance

Taking Preventative measures

Our core values are that prevention is the best cure and drives the performance of One Staff Solutions and it’s officers and management. Our staff at all levels possess a common goal, the success that ensures One staff Solutions the most skilful security services partner in the industry. Our employees centre on the three elements which drives our success:

1. Deliberate commitment to purpose
2. Delivering outstanding quality and professional services.
3. Making a positive difference for our clients and their constituents

One Staff Solutions holds a common aim with our clients for cooperative exertions toward building a high quality, reliable security solution that provides a smooth integration of staff, technology and processes. Our aim is to provide a solution that will enable our clients to concentrate on their commercial targets, whilst we provide and implement our superlative security services.

Customer Services

Acknowledging the advantages of assuring your clients always feel secure whilst on your premises, incorporating front of house duties to your security solution will give a welcoming face for your clients and customers.

Dealing with crime

Using One Staff Solutions as your trusted and professional security provider in London ensures that you’ll have officers that can professionally coordinate with the authorities therefore no crime ever becomes beyond control. Proactive rather than reactive our security guards will be vigilant in their obligations and will keep an eye on your business. And always ready to discourage anyone against crime to begin with. But should the worse regrettably take place, then with a fully integrated CCTV solution you would have undeniable grounds to instigate criminal proceedings

Finding the right security company for you.

Security measures represent a crucial function in assuring that you and your business organisation’s requirement is always being satisfied, the security company you selected should be extremely professional and competent. Only this way can you be certain that the correct and most effective solution for your business organisation has been considered. Prior to entering into a contract, you should consider accurately what your requirements are; One Staff Solutions are able to assist in this initially.

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