Services for business centre security and its features

Safe work of the organisations located on the territory of business centres depends on the coordinated work of the security company. Development and implementation of measures for security of companies which are located on the territory of business centres has its own characteristics.

For instance, it is necessary to take into consideration the following characteristics when creating and planning safety and security arrangements:

The location of the business centre

Special features of the construction of the business centre

The surrounding infrastructure

Opening hours of the business centre

The level of attendance of the visitors and business centre staff

The above-mentioned details help to create a plan of action in emergency situations, predict potential threats such as vandals attack, natural or manmade emergencies and the attacks of unwanted criminal elements and prevent them.

Security of business centres is planned and rehearsed in advance in day, at night and 24 hours a day.

Staff of the security company is qualified and experienced enough to ensure security of the offices and the whole business centre. Our security services will bring the situation under control, work out an individual plan of security which includes measures for protection from robbery, elimination of dangers to life and health of the centre’s staff and visitors.

Three reasons for the business centre security

Reason 1
Property protection ensures safe property and goods storage. It also includes safety of the staff who are located on the territory of the centre and manufacturing unit. The only people who can ensure maximum security and safety of the unit are the people who have had professional training.

Reason 2
Specialists create an effective security system, consistently examine the territory around the object of security with special equipment. Services for security of business centres include not only the guarding the place 24 hours a day to prevent it from illegal invasion, but also preventing it from robbery of the goods which are situated on the territory. Very often this very type of theft does the biggest harm to the internal resources of the organisation.

Reason 3
A competent member of the security team is also responsible for representation of the organisation he works for apart from their direct duties. They can create a positive image of the company, set a pleasant tone and answer the visitors’ questions in a polite and correct way. Even the presence of the security guard on the territory of the organisation can prevent it from possible criminal actions.

Types of security of the premises:

Usage of protective equipment such as CCTV and warning system, alarm system, detectors, sensors and participation of sniffer dogs in the process;

Physical protection including patrolling of the area, working of rapid response security team and installing of security points;

Usage of both above-mentioned types together.

Security of the premises includes the development of security measures in each individual case. We are happy to offer you an appropriate plan for security of your premises taking into account the size of the premises, its structural features and its usage. We start our work only after discussing the details with a client beginning from general questions all the way to minor details such as the uniform of the security team.
Security is a necessary feature of any well-established company.

A company which is within our responsibility is monitored 24 hours a day. Awareness of the information about the crime situation and recent investigators data help to organise our work to the highest level.

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