Several Reasons to Choose Night Watch Security Guards

As the sun goes down below the horizon and it becomes dark. Just like vampires; this is the time that criminals and vandals begin their venture to steal and vandalise property not belonging to them.

There are many who would consider engaging a company to protect their investment, either too expensive or not really required. The fact that you are reading this means you are not in the latter of these groups. At night, it is the time when your premises are most venerable and precisely the time when you need to be protected from would be criminal’s intent to making ‘a fast buck’ from your investment and hard work.

We are dedicated to supplying professional and experienced night security guards and will design a tailored strategic plan to ensure we can fulfil your individual needs; we will assure your composure with the knowledge that professional night security guard are watching and protecting your premises and investment. We specialise in providing various schemes i.e.; static guards, roving patrols; our fully trained and certificated night security guards are able to render an effective deterrence and protection, which is unparalleled.

Good reasons to engage night security guards.

·    Having night security guards will instil peace of mind during the hours while your property is most vulnerable to criminals.

·    Our night security guards are able to allow those working a night shift to relax, knowing that the premises are being guarded and they protected.

·    Our night guards control who enters and leaves the premises ensuring that they are authorised to do so; patrolling the outside at irregular periods, so not to set a pattern for thieves to monitor. If there is an attempt made for unauthorised entry our static guards have the ability to call for additional assistance from our motorised patrols.

·    If your needs do not require a night security guard, we also render extremely inexpensive alternative services such as:  key retaining, responding to alarms, whether it be false or real; our dedicated guards will respond in minutes. We can install and monitor remotely surveillance systems.

Whether you have a retail outlet, an office, a building site or even a storage warehouse; there is one company that you can rely on to ensure that your premises whatever they may be, you will have the ultimate protection available from any security company. This is why before you finally decide; give One Staff Solutions a call.

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