Shadow of a VIP person

Nowadays, more and more famous and rich people such as politicians, businessmen, celebrities and members of their family are being threatened by terrorists, kidnappers, competitors, dissatisfied employees, robbers and even crazy people. As a result, the functions of a bodyguard have become more significant like never before. Only professionals can ensure protection of the people who fear for their own life. Furthermore, a bodyguard is also considered to be a tribute to fashion and shows the image of a client.

Always ready

A competent bodyguard must protect a client from the infliction of harm both intentional (assault or attempt on the life of the client) and unintentional (accident). A high-quality bodyguard can prevent the likelihood of difficult situations resulting from inadequate actions of a client. The profession of a bodyguard requires constant readiness to resolve conflicts. In this case, a bodyguard must not restrict business or social activity of the client without any reason and he must not be a burden when accompanying the client.

According to the opinion of the majority of people, the main duty of a bodyguard is to get to grips with the attacker and protect the guarded person with their own body. In fact, the main responsibility of a bodyguard’s work is firstly to foresee and avert the danger using special techniques such as examining the place visited by the client, finding any explosives, spying and so on. The bodyguard has to repel the attack only if the conflict is inevitable.  If the threat is serious, the first thing which a bodyguard should do is to walk a client away from the danger standing between the client and assaulter. If the attackers open fire on a client, the bodyguard should lay him on the ground or force him into the nearest hideaway (car) and cover him with their body. Only after making sure that the client is in the hideaway, the bodyguard can take all of the necessary measures to neutralize the attackers.

First of all, a bodyguard must be an analyst and psychologist and not a fighter. His main duty is not to eliminate the danger but to prevent it. They always have to perceive and analyze the information, feel the danger by barely noticeable signs, predict behavior of the people and take the lead in order to eliminate the threat caused before it starts.

Common misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about what a bodyguard should look like in society. Many people believe that they should be a superman who has a masterful command of close fight and shooting and is a champion in boxing, karate, fighting and shooting. Of course, the knowledge of martial arts is necessary for a bodyguard. It gives confidence, courage and the ability to position themselves in extreme situations. However, sport techniques are not very suitable for a real fight as the basis of these techniques is combat and sparring which distract the body guard from his main duty which is to ensure safety of the client (special techniques for physical protection are practiced). Work experience has shown that a bodyguard who loves to show all his fighting skills simply provokes a fight. And while a bodyguard is ‘busy’ showing his skills, a client can be eliminated without too much difficulty. Furthermore, modern firearms in the hands of the attacker reduce physical contact.

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