Shop security in London (UK)

What about employee theft?


In most cases the employee working in a retail shop, is fully aware of the security measures which has been installed in order to prevent criminal activity and therefore for the most part they will abstain from criminal activity, but according to statistics approximately 5% of all retail related crimes is committed by people working in shops and this is why shop security in London is always an excellent idea. 5% may not sound like much, but over several months or years this could accumulate into a very large sum of money, all of which is now lost to that shop and therefore future expansion will have to be postponed or cancelled, but all of this could’ve been avoided simply by making use of shop security in London.

How many crimes takes place?


Recent research indicates that the amount of criminal actions for every hundred shops investigated has increased by approximately 30%, despite the best efforts of shop owners and once again the only viable solution seems to be shop security in London. If shop owners do not take responsibility for their own investment and if they do not take the necessary precautions, then it is inevitable that they will suffer some serious losses. All of this can be avoided, simply by making use of shop security in London and by ensuring that there are as little opportunities as possible for criminal organizations to exploit. They will always be criminals who have a knack for discovering the weaknesses in any business security system, but there is still a lot which shop owners could do to protect their own financial interests.

How effective is burglar proofing?


According to statistics the number of burglaries has decreased by almost 50%, but the cost of individual crimes has increased by almost 300 pound and this is a situation which simply cannot be tolerated and this is why shop security in London will be responsible to do everything in their ability to prevent criminals from succeeding. According to statistics the occurrence of fraud has increased to over 40% of all the crimes committed and this accounts for a very large loss of revenue in the retail industry and everything possible has to be done to prevent these kinds of losses. This is why shop security in London officers have to be well-trained individuals who have sufficient experience to deal with the current situation.

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