Some facts about static security guards

The rudimentary function of a security guard is to be a visual deterrent whist at the same time protecting the client’s property.

Static security guards particularly take on an crucial role in protecting business establishments, the public and clients assets from criminals and vandals. They carry out their tasks calmly with discretion and most importantly they’ll ensure that the running of the establishment is not affected.

These are some of the points that should determine whether you require the services of our static security guards.

  • If your establishment retains private data on the premises.
  • Confidential data is information that shouldn’t be divulged no matter of the circumstance and specifically not in a security breach. Having a security guard on your premises will significantly lower the risk of such criminality and will therefore help to guarantee the safety of such personal data.

  • If you are concerned with staff theft.
  • Employee theft in the retail sector is rising daily and is very difficult to catch the culprit so that they may be prosecuted and be made an example to others that may be tempted. Our retail security guards, are experienced and able to detect would be perpetrators, ensuring they are brought to justice.

  • Perhaps you worry that emergency services will not act promptly to your call for assistance.
  • While the austerity measures continue to erode our public sector employees, which regrettably, includes the police and fire department. If you have concerns  regarding  slow response rates from the emergency services; our static security guards who offer multi  role capabilities including first aid and  in case of fire they are able to render an immediate response to an emergency or call for assistance.

  • If your premises have need of admission control.
  • To guarantee you receive the required security and protection; coupled with amazingly competitive rates. Engaging One Staff Solutions to supply your static guards, make good sense.

As no two clients requirements are the same, following a survey of the premises to be protected; we shall submit our detailed recommendations how to best serve your needs. So no matter if your needs are the protection of an office building, retail premises, National Health Service or educational establishment, warehousing or even a building site. We have the expertise that you require to protect and secure your business premises its contents and your staff protected 24/7

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