Some of the activities of our security guards

One Staff Solutions protection officers represent a visible restraint for ambitious felons and vandals. Many of our clients want us protect their properties and businesses during weekends and at night time. But of course we are always available. Our security will be designed upon your requirements

As a renown protection company based in London, we reflect on all tasks and roles that our security guards may require to be aware of, all our security officer’s duties have in the past included, acting as a front of house concierge, patrolling throughout the building at night and supervising entrances and exits to the site.

Dependent upon the project, we can arrange to have the required number of protection officers to ensure that you will have maximum protection at all times. Whatever your requirement are, we are experienced in protecting various locations, such as; Construction sites, warehousing, businesses, our security officers are able bodied to service any contract, irrespective whether it is large or small.

Why trust One Staff Solutions with your safety?

·    We restrict the operational areas per group

·    Reliable, honourable, professional and individualised service

·    Privately owned and operated

·    All our staff are employed by us, we never use subcontractors

·    Faster response to alarm calls

·    Advanced and ultra modern equipment

·    Tried and proven methods

·    Supportive and functioning within your community

Several of our clients call for a higher level of protection that requires the presence of an on-the-scene security officer.  This has proven to be the most potent method of discouraging hopeful criminals.

One Staff Solutions guards ensure the protection of your assets, the safety of your staff and customers. Our entire on site guards have the backup of our mobile units, should it be necessary, they can be on site in a matter of minutes to assist. Of course there is no extra cost for our units to respond to a request for additional assistance.

Importantly, our security all our officers adhere strictly to the SIA demands. They are all highly skilled in contending with protection management.

One Staff Solutions Ltd; ought to be your first option for your security. Our officers are obtainable within minutes to cover any emergency, however long or short. Their presents can deter even the most ardent criminal.

Call One Staff Solutions Ltd and see how we can design a strong security presence for you, all our quotations and surveys are free.

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