Some very good reasons for choosing to hire Security Guards

If you own or manage a business concern sooner than later you will come to recognise that you need some variant of protection from would be criminal’s intent stealing from you or vandalising your property.

Engaging One Staff Solutions to protect your assets you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that your company and it’s assets are safe and secure and being protected by professional security guards with the expertise and are protecting your investment, 24/7.

But as you deliberate on the cost and efficiency of the major security companies available, it is important to also evaluate the standard of service you are likely to receive from them. We are only to aware that with the financial cut backs and reduced budgets that companies have, it is a challenging decision to make.

There are many reasons why any business concern should engage a professional security company that is able to provide experienced and highly trained security guards to protect their business, staff and investment. We name just a few:

They are a visual deterrent against crime in all its forms. Our security guards will be visible and thereby discouraging any individual that has criminal intents; this they do simply by being seen.

Eyes and ears of the police.
Our security guards are capable to observe criminal activities; they are therefore an essential requirement. They help in making certain that your business is always protected and that your staff and customers are cared for.

They have experience in providing precise reports to the police assisting them in bringing the culprit to justice.

We constantly assess our service to you to ensure that we are providing the highest level of security. Many situations within a company change and a proficient security system and strategies must change with them; in order to provide the ultimate security and protection service possible.

Multi role service.

The security guards at One Staff Solutions are aware of the varying requirements of your business enterprise that is the reason we train our guards to multi-task it enables us to provide a fully structured security system tailored to your individual needs. Our guards carry out many differing duties, which include controlling who comes and goes to concierge duties besides their normal assigned security duties proficiently.
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One Staff Solutions are able to  offer security guards that are exceptionally well trained and experienced in protecting their clients business as well providing a visible deterrent. We assure you that our services are up to the task. Why not give us a call our friendly staff are there to answer any and all your questions. We can also submit an assessment of your current security methods and suggest where they be improved to cope with the ever increasing attack by criminal to businesses thought London.

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