Special features of office security

Any commercial business or company needs a good level of security. The office of any company is the heart of it, where the majority of the company’s equipment and property are situated. This needs to be protected from robbery and misuse. A well-organised security guarantees the safety of material and information values of the company and a comfortable working atmosphere for the staff.

The security of the office should be established regardless of the fact whether you rent or own it. The best way to secure a company is to find a special security company who will take care of it all by themselves and will regularly carry out a number of security measures. These includes the following:

Inspection of office premises after working hours following the security system activation;
Access control arrangements;
Documentation control of visitors and staff;
Car park security;
Adherence to commercial confidentiality;
Control of quality of work of communications and engineering systems;
Adherence to communication standards and business ethics with visitors and staff;
Maintenance and operation of CCTV system, alarm and access systems.

Every office has its own features and requires an individual approach to security. For instance, if there is only an in-house staff, it requires one type of security. Another type of security is required for the office where there is a high flow of visitors. However, it is impossible to clearly divide security into types and classes.   Most commonly, private type security is used in closed type offices. It is aimed at controlling the actions of employees and making sure that the important documentation or company’s equipment is not taken out of the office. In this case, security companies focus on organisation of CCTV system and mark out a special security guard whose responsibilities will include checking all the cameras, observing everything which happens and intervening if a problem occurs if necessary.

Open type security works like an estate company of the same type. The security guards have more responsibilities and the security is carried out with the help of the police authorities. The special feature of the security guard’s work here would be stopping the human intelligence among the staff, suppressing the usage of confidential information and office equipment, ensuring the safety of the staff and implementing the access control arrangements.

Nowadays, each organisation tries to protect themselves from possible inner and outer threats which can be carried out by subjects of economic relations such as competitors, employees, individual government officials, etc.

There are private security companies which have qualified staff who can regulate the occurrence of any abnormal situations and can help to solve the problems connected with hooliganism, vandalism, illegal activities, etc.

Private security organisations offer the security services for companies and their staff in dangerous situations. High qualifications of our specialists and many years of professional experience allow us to do our service in a reliable, quick and effective way. Our aim is to give a helping hand to the companies in creating a reliable security system with minimal time and financial costs.

The measures of the security work of our specialists include:

-preparation of a general security work plan;
– Face-control and documentation control of employees and visitors;
– Protection of the company’s property;
– Inspection of office premises after working hours following the security system activation;
– Organisation of fire system;
– Access control arrangements.

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