Static security in London (UK)

What is static security?


It simply means that the security guard is responsible for a specific site and this static security in London officer will be required to remain only on that one site contrary to a security guard that may be moving around from one business to another in a security vehicle. Even though the term static security is used, this certainly does not mean that such a static security in London officer will be sitting still in one position for their entire shift. A very important part of all security duties is always the regular patrolling of a specific corporate premises or business which is vital in order to ensure a visible presence and also to discourage criminals from targeting such a business or Corporation. Therefore these security guards is not static at all.

Will security guards catch criminals?


They can be no doubt that from time to time criminals will be apprehended but this is not the primary function of static security in London. All people working in the security industry make use of a strategy of crime prevention. Therefore security measures at a specific Corporation or business are set up in such a way that when those static security in London officers do their jobs properly breaches of security is actually very rare. This is why security guards are requested to maintain a visible presence, they should do access control and regular patrols of the premises should be conducted and this is mostly sufficient to keep criminals out. Naturally there are often exceptions and they maybe dealing with criminals who have a specific goal or purpose.

How should criminals be approached?


Static security in London should always approach criminals with the necessary caution. You simply do not know whether those criminals are armed and this could lead to very negative consequences for those security guards. The primary function of security guards will always be to prevent crimes from taking place. When a visible presence is maintained through frequent security patrols and also through strict access control then most criminals will avoid that Corporation or business and they will go elsewhere where their chances of success is better. Static security in London should do everything in their ability to prevent criminals from gaining access to that site but when this has happened they should immediately report such an incident to the closest law enforcement office.



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