Store security in London (UK)

Why stores is targeted?


There is only one reason why shoplifters go to a specific store and that is because they are convinced that there may be a viable opportunity to get away with valuable products and this process is significantly easier when there is no store security in London officers on the premises. A favorite method which is used by shoplifters is to keep dozens of products visible while keeping one or two valuable products in their pockets and then they will join the queue at the pay point, thereby signifying their willingness to pay for their purchases, while they are fully aware that they are not going to pay for those hidden articles. This is something which could be difficult to pick up and this is why it is necessary to have experienced store security in London officers.

What is the benefits of this method?


In the event of a possible confrontation by store security in London officers, the shoplifter can simply claim, that they have forgotten about those products in their pockets and in some cases they will be able to get away without being prosecuted. Therefore these illegal actions has a 50-50 chance of succeeding. Another favorite method of shoplifters is the use of baby stroller boxes, where shoplifters will remove baby strollers from those boxes and then they will proceed to fill up the box with other merchandise. If successful they will only need to pay the price of the baby stroller while in actual fact the true value of those products may exceed the purchase price of the stroller by hundreds of pounds and once again store security in London have to prevent these crimes from taking place.

What is the bagging method?


Shoplifters enter the store with a bag or some other container and while browsing some of the items in that store, they will proceed to place articles into those bags, while no one is watching. It will require vigilant store security in London officers to detect this kind of illegal activity and this is why most shops have a policy, which requires customers to leave parcels at the parcel counter. Another threat which has to be watch out for is where shoplifters will work in teams and they will switch bags very skillfully and in a very high percentage of cases, they will be able to fool many store security in London officers.

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