Store security in London (UK) – Isn’t a single camera enough?

Store security in London (UK) – Isn’t a single camera enough?

The sales people that work for store security in London companies often meet with resistance because store managers claim that security services is too expensive and that they prefer to make use of technological security such as cameras. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with making use of technology the problem is that recording a crime taking place still does not prevent the criminal from leaving with your merchandise. Store security in London know that even should such recorded evidence be produced to law enforcement agencies they often do not have the time to search through the crime data base in order to find those perpetrators. Therefore the chances of such a recording resulting in the prosecution of the criminal is almost nonexistent because in order for that to happen that criminal has to be located which depending on the quality of the recording may take a substantial amount of time which is costly because someone has to be paid to do that job.

Will store security really make a difference?

Store security in London is fully aware of the fact that their officers is only human and they will certainly not always be in the right place at the right time to catch shoplifters in the act. The one advantage however is that when they are in the right place at the right time, they will be able to prevent shop property to leave that business and they will be able to apprehend the criminal and in most of this cases the criminal will be successfully prosecuted. This effectively means that one criminal is removed from the streets of London and will hopefully be kept in a secure prison for at least a couple of years. However when 1000 or 2000 criminals are taken off the streets due to the work which has been done by store security in London then the benefits of these efforts is multiplied.

What is the impact on the economy?

Shoplifting and other criminal activities will always have a very negative impact on the economy of this country but through the use of store security in London this situation could be turned around and this could help shop owners to remain profitable and will enable them to contribute to the economy of London. Although store security in London will require an additional investment on the part of shop owners the ultimate benefits will always make this worthwhile.

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