The challenges facing night club security

An issue of effective risk control

The typical nightclub could be likened to a viper’s nest from which nasty surprises could emerge often without any warning at all. The problem is there are so many essentially harmful factors which could influence visitors to such a nightclub. At such a nightclub there are large quantities of alcohol available which by itself are more than sufficient to completely alter the attitude of a person and this could lead to actions which could result in bodily assault or other negative actions. Many people manage to smuggle other chemical substances into such a nightclub such as weed, heroine and other addictive substances. Any situation where people’s inhibitions is lowered by alcoholic beverages and other chemical substances it is difficult to predict how a specific individual will act while they are under the influence of those substances and this is why it is vitally important to have nightclub security on the premises who has been comprehensively trained and who have the necessary experience to deal with all eventualities.

A healthy balance has to be maintained

The primary attraction of any nightclub is that it provides entertainment value to visitors and the higher the entertainment value the more popular will such a nightclub be and therefore the more people will visit those premises which will then convert into a handsome profit. The owner of such a nightclub would therefore find themselves between two extremes, on the one hand they are in that business primarily to generate a profit but on the other hand they have a responsibility towards their visitors and they have an obligation to ensure that those people are kept as safe as possible while they find themselves on the premises of that nightclub. This will require a nightclub security who has the ability to accurately gauge the mood of all nightclub visitors and who know who the troublemakers are. They will always keep an eye out for those troublemakers and as soon as a situation developed they will need to take action in order to successfully defuse that situation as quickly as possible.

A very explosive situation

Statistics will tell us that nightclubs and other similar places of entertainment where a lot of alcohol is present as well as people who are addicted to substances, situations can develop with in the blink of an eye which could result in loss of life or grievous bodily harm. The only force which are able to defuse that situation and to prevent the development of a life-threatening situation will be the nightclub security.

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