The critical role of a London doorman

What is the big fuss?

Statistics show that criminal actions with in the neighborhoods of London are still at relatively high levels and therefore people’s lives and property are always at risk and that’s why a London doorman has a critical role to play in order to ensure that only authorized persons enter the premises where they are on duty. A London doorman is the first line of defense and the access control which they apply is critical in order to ensure that no shady characters gain access to such a property. Once that security has been breached due to an incompetent London doorman or because of lethal force which has been used against such a London doorman then such perpetrators will almost have complete freedom to come and go as they wish and this could have a very detrimental impact upon both property and persons within such a property.

What is the big attraction?

Within a large communal property with 100 or more residents there are many appliances and other kinds of property which could be very valuable to criminals and which could be easily converted to cash resources. The role of a London doorman is to act as a deterrent to such criminals and they should never allow any unidentified persons into such a communal property without first ensuring that these people are known to one or more of the residents and that they are expected by those residents. Every large communal property should have a list of regulations applying to visitors or contractors responsible for maintenance. All such persons has to be cleared with the building supervisor or some other kind of authority who has been tasked with the management of visitors and maintenance personnel.

How to choose the correct doorman?

Most communal property owners do not consider the job of doorman in London seriously enough and therefore they are often tempted to employ basically anyone into that position. Making use of a poorly qualified London doorman can backfire very badly and may lead to the loss of life or grievous bodily injury. It will be a lot better to employee a London doorman who has been extensively trained in all aspects of security matters, access control, the identification of criminals and the proper procedures when making a citizen’s arrest. These are just some of the vitality important qualifications which a London doorman should have in order to provide an adequate level of service.

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