The Importance of Public Sector Security

One of the consequences of the austerity measures that have affected all of our public sectors is the reduction of staff. These have on many occasions created short tempers with the general public that depend on timely assistance or services. Irate clients can create serious verbal abuse and in some cases this has turned into a serious situation where even physical abuse has occurred.

When you consider engaging a reputable security company for your public sector facilities; contact One Staff Solutions before you make a final decision.

Our fully trained and professional public sector security guard are among the best in the industry. Our commitment to our clients to render the ultimate service while protecting your premises. All our guards are provided with the training and expertise to quickly deal with any situation effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Hospital Security

Recognising the changes that are perpetually being recommended and applied to our NHS. This will require a complex security strategy to be prepared ensuring that the protection and safety of patients, staff and visitors is fulfilled; assuring you of our responsiveness in any given situation. We have the professionalism and the experience required to offer our security from a clinic, surgery to any other National Health facility.

Education Security

We are all acknowledge and empathise the difficulty for teachers  to implement deserved punishment to pupils. Having on site educational security guards has now become essential to guarantee that students who are devoted to their studies have the security to do so. One Staff Solutions have the professional security guards that have been trained to render protection and security required on various educational facilities. Irrespective to tyour facility; be it a school, academy, college or a university.  We will propose a tailored cost effective answer to your educational security.

Local Government Security

Visitors to local authority offices invariably go to complain about their services and if they feel that they are not getting the response they expect; can become emotionally roiled and abusive to the staff. Our specialised security guards are experienced in dealing sympathetically, but assertively with agitated clients. When considering engaging a security company for your offices. Consider the advantages that we are able to offer, before making your final choice.

These are just a few of the security services that we provide to our public sector clients.

  • Static and mobile guarding
  • Ensuring that access areas are patrolled precluding any unauthorised entry.
  • Extending assistance to staff and visitors
  • Ensuring that expensive materials and equipment stay protected

Remote controlled surveillance systems

Supplying your public sector facilities the protection and security that it demands, you can be assured that engaging One Staff Solutions will provide just that.

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