The kidnapping of small children

Parents suffering when their children disappear
There is probably no other kind of suffering that comes close to the anxiety and the despair that are suffered by a parent whose child has disappeared without a trace. There was recently a report on television about the parent whose child has been kidnapped out of the hospital 17 years ago and that fact has only been made known in the last two weeks. Someone who has not being through this horrible kind of event could never really fully understand the experience which such a parent has to go through. There are no greater traumas that any parent could experience than the trauma which are caused by a child that was kidnapped. Not to know where that child may be or whether the child is being properly taken care of or whether such a child is abused is a truly horrific experience.
It takes a really sick mind to kidnap a child
There is simply no justification for such a horrific act because of the extreme trauma which is caused not only on that parent but also on the child that are mostly not able to comprehend the situation or why it is occurring. There are also an increasing number of kidnappings which is done primarily for the sake of sexual considerations. Dozens of these young girls are kidnapped, abused and then discarded just like a toy that is no longer needed. A very large portion of those missing children are never recovered, at least not alive. They are murdered because the perpetrators cannot allow them to live because such a child may be able to identify them afterwards.
Parents need to be vigilant
Every effort has to be made to ensure the safety of your child. No matter how much we have struggled financially through the years our children were mostly taken to school with the family car and then also picked up again after school. Our youngest daughter is now in her final year in school and we are still persisting in this habit of ours. We will take every measure possible to ensure the safety of our daughter because she is very precious to us. However when we drive around the neighborhood there are so many young children out in the streets without supervision and in our opinion this is very irresponsible and is actually inviting catastrophe in the form of a possible kidnapping. Children are a very costly gift and something costly and precious has to be carefully protected at all costs.

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