The London (UK) doorman – What does the London doorman do?

The London (UK) doorman –  What does the London doorman do?

The London doorman does not always receive proper recognition for all the sacrifices which they are expected to make in the execution of their duties. The London doorman goes back 100’s of years in the history of London and they have served in various capacities such as basic security officers for their establishment also as a kind of hospitality reception committee and also as a liaison between management and visitors. The professional London doorman is sometimes a gentleman who are very charismatic and they have a way with their clients because they know exactly what those people require and they are experts in meeting the needs of visitors to their establishment. Many London doorman will make excellent diplomats and ambassadors because they understand how to work with people and how to reach a compromise which will provide the visitor with value whether real or imagined.

Are all doormen the same?

Absolutely not, many London doorman are working in the hospitality industry while others are involved in the restaurant business and others may be employed at luxury spas and a whole range of other businesses. Some London doorman is basically a type of low-level security at a large residential property. Others may be working at nightclubs or a whole range of other nightlife entertainment venues. Where ever these people may be occupied their primary duty is to make people feel at home and to attend to all needs that these people may have which is reasonable and within their power to provide. Some doorman in London have been in this trade for several decades and they have learned how to perform their duties in an exemplary fashion and therefore they are highly sought after within the industry because of their relationships which they have with thousands of customers.

Who qualifies as a London doorman?

There are some establishments where the London doorman will be nothing more than a superb host who are engaging with visitors and who will do everything in their ability to satisfy the needs of those visitors. These people may not need to have any specific security training but there are other London doorman who may be employed at businesses where a basic understanding of industrial security will be essential. Most establishments prefer their doorman to be security trained. This can be extremely handy when a situation evolve which requires someone that are familiar with the laws of the country and who knows what to do.

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