The most gruesome murders in history

How civilized are we really?
Murder is something which has been very much part of the nature and the history of the human population. There are some who would try to rationalize by saying that it’s only the lower classes of human beings who are responsible for these atrocities but such a statement would not be entirely accurate. The truth is murder is something which is very comfortable and totally at home even in the highest echelons of human society. History has told us repeatedly that it is often those who are in high positions of authority which has so much more to protect and when their positions are threatened murder becomes just another tool which they use as effectively as they would use position and money. This sad reality is that most of the police forces in civilized nations are simply not able to be omnipresent and this is exactly why security companies have become so popular in these modern times since they provide a very necessary service in a civilization which is in many ways held in captivity by criminal elements.
The innocence of children questioned
Even Scripture encourages people to become more like little children trusting and loving and forgiving but it seems that the essential genetic corruption is even reaching the children because these lovable little creatures are very capable of perpetrating the most horrible crimes including murder. In 1929 in the year that my father was born in other words 85 years ago there was the case about two young children age 6 and 8 who were collecting scrap metal for extra money. The one boy was trying to steal all of the metal for himself and even stuck the other boy in the face with a piece of metal. The boy who was assaulted ran home, collected his father’s shotgun and then went back to where the other boy was and simply shot him. Although the child was tried for murder and there was initially a ruling for manslaughter which required the boy to be subjected to an institution where he could be reformed for a period of 15 years, that decision was scrapped by another judge due to the tender age of this boy.
The horrible truth is that childhood crime are abounding in our society
There are numerous cases where children that have barely started their school education are involved in the most horrific actions which just proves once again that the human nature are best degenerated, corrupted and suspect. The ultimate truth is that murder comes quite naturally to a very large percentage of human beings.

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