The security services in London (UK)

Why is security services necessary?


Many citizens of London is concerned about the high number of security services in London and as tax paying citizens they are beginning to wonder whether law enforcement agencies is no longer competent enough to deal with crime prevention and other safety issues in the city of London. The reality however is that law enforcement and the military is very costly organizations that require billions of pounds each year to keep them operational. It simply does not make any sense to further expand law enforcement agencies and this is why security services in London is necessary in order to assist law enforcement agencies in their quest against criminal organizations. In other words the private sector now contributes towards the security of the UK and this allows the government to focus on other important expenditures.

Is there a difference between police and security?


In most cases law enforcement agencies will only respond to criminal activity, when such activity has been reported to them by the public. There are some exceptions where they are in the vicinity of a crime taking place but mostly they will only react to something which has already happened. Security services in London on the other hand is acting in a preventive manner and they will do everything possible to discourage criminals simply through their visible presence at a business or Corporation. Security services in London will do everything possible to ensure that criminals don’t get an opportunity to commit illegal activities and they will do it through access control, regular patrols and by patrolling the perimeter of the Corporation or business.

How is this done?


If security services in London encounters dangerous criminals it is better that they observe the situation and report all details to law enforcement. It simply does not pay to try to be a hero and especially so because most security services in London do not carry firearms and therefore it makes no sense to engage criminals which are armed. I myself had been in a similar situation where the criminals were carrying firearms while me and my security offers were unarmed and were therefore not able to offer any resistance. It will be the job of law enforcement in London to investigate those criminal activities which has taken place and to locate the perpetrators so that they can be punished in a court of law.

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