The stolen Tucker cross

This amazing artifact disappeared without a trace
This 22 karat gold and emerald cross was transported on the San Pedro which was a ship that was on a cruise between Cuba and Spain in 1594 when it was struck by a hurricane in the Florida region. During the 1950s an explorer by the name of Teddy Tucker was scuba diving in the wreck when he found this amazing artifact and he frequently referred to this cross as his most amazing discovery ever. He sold this cross to a Museum in Bermuda where it was displayed for many years until it was mysteriously stolen and a cheap replica was left in its place. To this day the cross was never recovered and investigators suspect that the emeralds were removed and the gold melted down and sold separately on the black market. Whatever the true facts may be humanity has lost one of its most remarkable treasures.
The vibrant black market for antiques
One of the countries which are suffering most and that are losing many of their most precious treasures because of the black mark in antiques is Egypt. There are also other countries with very old cultures where organized crime are actively involved in stealing those treasures and then selling those priceless artifacts on the black market. Many of the most affluent people on this planet will pay exorbitant prices to own a 3000 year old Egyptian artifact and even more so if that artifact comes out of a Egyptian tomb. They don’t care whether those artifacts are stolen and they do not care about the damage which are done to these historical sites. This is an outrage and most countries with a very special heritage generally have a ministry that are overseeing absolutely everything relating to that heritage.
Despite all its treasures Egypt are basically poor
A number of Egyptian pharaohs have been buried in underground tombs surrounded with treasures which are valued at millions of dollars. Unfortunately a very large portion of these treasures are smuggled out of Egypt and sold at exorbitant prices in various locations all over the planet and Egyptians never seen those treasures ever again. This is a really a terrible situation but it is very difficult to maintain an effective deterrent since Egypt is a very large country and it simply impossible to prevent all criminal activities and therefore on a regular basis extremely valuable artifacts are stolen and eventually end up in the collection of some billionaire and millions of people will never see that important piece of history ever again.

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