The UK security supervisor – What is the responsibilities of a security supervisor?

The UK security supervisor – What is the responsibilities of a security supervisor?

Mostly a security supervisor will be responsible to ensure that the agreement between the security company and the client is maintained at all times. Such an agreement may require six or 10 or maybe as much as 20 security officers in order to ensure that the premises of the client is as secure as possible. In the contract which has been signed between the client and the security company there will be a commitment on the part of the security company to perform certain tasks such as access control, patrolling of the area, escorting visitors and ensuring that delivery vehicles comply with the client’s regulations. The security supervisor will be responsible to ensure that all people working on his shift do their tasks to the best of their ability.

How important is leadership ability?

They can be no doubt that the security supervisor should at least have some leadership ability because in my personal experience that is the only way to ensure that security officers remain disciplined and that they do the things which are required from them. People will always try to see how much they can get away with and how little they can do without getting into trouble. It will be the responsibility of the security supervisor to ensure that everyone is doing that their part in order to ensure that the client does not suffer any damages or losses. Security supervisors can be very busy running around from security point to security point listening to complaints and issuing instructions.

What qualifications should the security supervisor have?

It is always better if the security supervisor has a higher qualification than his security personnel. In some cases someone who is a couple of years older could also be respected by subordinates. That does not mean that a young person could not be an excellent security supervisor but they may find it difficult to earn the respect of older security officers. The security supervisor should be able at all times to explain how criminals should be apprehended and which regulations and laws will apply when this people is taken captive. They should have an excellent understanding of the laws which has been laid down by government and they should ensure that they and their personnel are complying with these laws at all times in order to avoid civil suits against the company.

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