UK body guarding

What is their function?


UK body guarding also known as close protection services could refer to a variety of professionals and it may be a government official who is responsible for the protection of someone and in most cases this will be a political person or someone who is very wealthy. It is also possible that this is a person who is employed in the security industry and who would then be responsible for the protection of wealthy or well-known people. Whether government or privately employed these UK body guarding specialists will be required to protect their clients from a wide variety of dangers which might include harassment, threats of various types, possible assassination, assault, kidnapping and many other possible scenarios. In the case of a VIP close protection specialists is often referred to as the VIPs security detail.

Other potential clients


There are many people who may occasionally require the services of UK body guarding and they may be heads of government, governors and also heads of state. In most cases several close protection specialist will be involved in the protection of one particular client and it is not unusual in high profile cases to see an entire team of UK body guarding specialists involved in the protection of one particular client. In the UK the people responsible for protection of the Royal family has been traditionally referred to as the Royal guard. These people are mostly employed from elite military units where they had received specialized training which allows them to provide the highest level of protection to members of the Royal family. When the client is less known they will often only be escorted by a single bodyguard which may sometimes also be employed as the vehicle driver.

What about CEOs and celebrities?


An increasing number of CEOs of high profile corporations are now making use of UK body guarding and especially so if the Corporation is involved in important research or other critical transactions or operations. It has also become custom among celebrities and also sports star to make use of UK body guarding to protect them against over enthusiastic fans who can gang up upon that celebrity and these actions can sometimes lead to physical injury which may either be intentional or unintentional but nevertheless it will be the responsibility of close protection specialists to ensure the safety of their clients. This is a highly responsible job because any failures could be catastrophic.




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