UK private security

What is their primary duties?


The UK private security officer is basically a person who is compensated for their efforts to protect the private property of another individual or Corporation. That property has to be protected against vandalism, theft, and also illegal entry. Everything possible has to be done to eliminate every possible threat and to ensure the safety of both people and property. The primary way in which UK private security accomplish this is through a visible presence which is known to be one of the most effective ways in which to deter illegal activities. This is done by frequent security patrols or through the use of electronic systems such as video cameras or alarm systems which has been installed specifically to prevent any crimes from taking place.

When threats is detected?


When potential threats is discovered UK private security will have to analyze those threats and a decision will have to be made about how they should proceed in order to eliminate the threat and to prevent damage to property or injury to people. All such incidents have to be reported to the property owner or other responsible person and all serious offenses has to be reported to law enforcement so that the proper actions can be taken against all perpetrators. In most circumstances UK private security officers will be wearing a proper security uniform in order to identify them as the legal authority as far as the security of a specific private property is concerned. They may also be wearing additional identification such as SIA registration and this will clearly identify them to law enforcement officers as legitimate UK private security officers.

Progress in this industry


Since the time of the middle Ages, UK private security was merely known as watchmen and this basic identification was applied until approximately the 1980s. This goes back to the days when many security issues were related to private properties and this same thing was also true in parts of America where the term night watchman was used but since 1980 these terms have been replaced with their more modern counterparts. Most UK private security officers is now either referred to as a security guard or a security officer but essentially the job description has not changed all that much for hundreds of years accept for the fact that UK private security is now required to receive basic training and they have to be registered with the SIA.




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