UK security contracts

For what purpose?


The days are gone where a mere verbal contract were sufficient for the purposes of employment because in our modern-day UK security contracts is very important in order to ensure that both parties is fully covered when it comes to the conditions of employment. Besides this according to the current laws of the UK every employer must provide the employee with a written contract if that employee is going to be employed for longer than three months. When it comes to UK security contracts many employers make use of standard contracts, but it does happen sometimes that there is exceptions and then it becomes important for the security employee to have at least a basic understanding of what is included in the security contract and what is not, this is important to avoid confusion.

What should be included?


The UK security contract should clearly stipulated the identities of the parties involved in that agreement and this should include the business name of the employer even if the employee turns out to be a private individual and not one of the main line security companies. It should also include the full details of the employee and a starting date should be stipulated as a well as a short description of their responsibilities and also the position which they will fill in that company. Such a UK security contract should also include adequate details on the compensation which the employee will receive and also how frequently those payments will be made. This knowledge will avoid any kind of confusion on the part of the employee and will clearly indicate to them what they could expect while in the employment of this business.

What the employer expect?


This UK security contract should clearly stipulated the amount of hours which should be worked on any given day and also how many days in a week. If there are any exceptions then this should be included in that contract so that the employee is well informed about all expectations of the employer. The issue of overtime should also be fully covered in any UK security contract and also whether it will be necessary to work on weekends and on public holidays. The compensation for services delivered on such days should also be clearly stipulated. Another important piece of information is the physical address of the business where the employee will be used by this company.

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