UK security guard duties

What about security dogs?


There can be no doubt that under most circumstances a guard dog can do a lot to protect both residential and commercial properties but that does not mean that they are 100% effective substitutes for human guards and although many UK security guard duties may include the handling of guarding dogs it is mostly not a good idea to have only a dog on duty without a responsible handler. Anyone who ever had the privilege to work with guarding dogs will be fully aware of the fact that they do have a very keen sense of smelling and hearing which can enable them to smell or hear potential threats over a substantial distance. However there are some UK security guard duties which could only be done by humans.

Why humans is necessary?


Just like guarding dogs have their own unique abilities, likewise human beings have other more advanced qualities that makes them perfect when it comes to various UK security guard duties. However when guarding dogs and security guards worked together, there is a coming together of human and animal abilities that can certainly ensure greater security for any residential or commercial property. This is why in certain industries UK security guard duties include training where security guards learn how to work effectively with guarding dogs. Not everyone can work effectively with a guarding dog but for those who have received the necessary training, there can be no doubt that humans and animals do complement each other on a certain level and this can certainly allow for greater effectiveness when it comes to the security of residential and commercial properties.

What is the duties of security guards?


When it comes to understanding UK security guard duties there is still a lot of confusion among citizens of London. Most people fail to understand that there is a definite difference between peace officers and security guards. A peace officer is someone who is required to enforce the law of their region and they are expected to preserve total peace in public. Marshals, constables, police officers as well as their deputies are all peace officers. Whenever a felony is taken place this group of people is required by the law of the UK to pursue the perpetrators and to make the necessary arrests when necessary. This is not included in UK security guard duties. UK security guards is primarily a preventive measure and not a reactive measure against criminal activity.





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