UK security guard officers – What is the duty of an officer?

UK security guard officers –  What is the duty of an officer?

UK security guard officers is the ones who have the responsibility to ensure that all other security guards working under their supervision complies with the wishes of the client company. Such a security officer should report for duty at least 15 to 30 minutes before their shift start and they should go over everything with the security officer of the previous shift in order to ensure that the premises is secure and that all the precautions which is necessary has been taken. They should then ensure that all of the security guards report for duty and that those people are properly dressed and that they have all of the things which they will required to do their duties effectively. This may include a two-way radio, a security baton and at High-risk installations firearms may also be included. The UK security guard officer will have the responsibility to ensure that their security guards are prepared and ready for their shift.

What else should they do?

Many companies require the UK security guard officers to patrol the premises with the security offers from the previous shift in order to ensure that critical installations on the premises is in a perfect condition and all deficiencies should be properly noted in the occurrence book which are kept by that security company. Many security companies insist that both the shift which is going of duty as well as the one that comes on duty form a parade where reports is made to the UK security guard officer and all such reports are then carefully noted in the occurrence book. This ensures that everything is on record and in the event of any situation which is encountered both the client company and the security company manager could read through the occurrence book to see if any other events took place.

Who qualifies as a UK security guard officer?

This should be a person who has received intensive training as a security officer preferably from a government accredited security training center. They should have leadership capabilities which will allow them to guide security guards under their command as effectively and professionally as possible. They should be people of high moral values who will always be committed to provide the highest standard of service to the client company and they will always motivate their security guards to do likewise.

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