UK security guard skills

What is the most important skills?

One of the most important UK security guard skills will always be the ability to observe. They simply need to be aware of what is happening around them 24 hours a day. They need to have the ability to identify those things which is out of place and which will have to be investigated in order to ensure that there is no threat against the Corporation or business. Other UK security guard skills is, inborn discipline, vigilance and patience. A crime may not be committed today, but just because it did not happen does not mean that a security guard should relax. To the contrary it is when security guards become complacent, that criminals will find it easier to breach the security measures which is in place at a Corporation or business.

What about self-defense?

Another UK security guard skill which is certainly useful is basic self-defense. As a security guard you will because of the nature of your duties be in direct conflict with criminals and this can sometimes lead to violence. Therefore having a basic understanding of effective self-defense techniques could come in very handy when you are attacked by criminals. Just remember that this is one of the UK security guard skills which will have to be used with the necessary restraint. We live in a time where human rights is more important than effective protection of UK citizens and property. Therefore it should always be ensured that self-defense techniques is only used as a very last resort. It will serve no purpose to use excessive violence in order to make an arrest only to find yourself convicted of assault.

What about firearms?

Another UK security guards skill which will require a substantial amount of competence will be the ability to use firearms safely and effectively. Some security industries such as those responsible for cash in transit will be left with no other choice but to arm themselves with firearms in order to be able to protect their cargoes against criminals. However using a firearm can be a blessing but it can also be a curse. This is one UK security guard skill which could definitely save lives but when it is used illegally by disregarding very specific UK laws regarding the use of firearms then such a security guard could find himself in a situation where they become the accused in a murder trial. There are some UK security guard skills which has to be used with a great deal of responsibility.

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