UK security guards companies

What people need to know?

Many citizens of London encounter security personnel on a regular basis as they travel through the city of London, but few have the necessary insight to realize that UK security guard companies rely on their visibility in order to deter criminal organizations. Therefore when people see a security guard who seem to be loitering and basically doing nothing, they should know that looks can be deceiving and they should understand that the role of UK security guard companies is to be a preventive measure against criminal activity. Security companies will be successful if they can prevent criminal organizations from targeting their business or Corporation because as we all know prevention is better than cure. To fix the damage which has been caused by criminal activity after the deed has been done is not easy.

How does security operate?

Most people have opened a case file at the local police station at one point or another after they have become a victim of criminal activity. The police will been investigate the matter and sometimes there a successful prosecution and sometimes the process will not be successful. This is not the way in which UK security guard companies operate, because their primary purpose is to prevent criminal activity from taking place. They do this through effective access control, where only people who has been approved by management is allowed to enter the premises. Access control already eliminates a lot of criminal elements and therefore this makes the work of UK security guard companies a lot easier. Furthermore UK security guard companies will do frequent patrols of the premises to further discourage criminal activity.

What about training?

Many UK citizens do not even know about the existence of the SIA which is the organization which ensures that all UK security guards companies, maintain a high level of security and that they comply with UK legislation and also with the guidelines of the SIA. According to legislation every person who is employed by UK security guard companies have to first complete basic security training, before they will be allowed to register with the SIA. Any person who is working in the security industry without SIA registration, are themselves committing a crime and they can be prosecuted in a court of law. The regulating duties of the SIA is very important in order to ensure quality in the security industry.

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