UK security receptionist

What’s the duties of a receptionist?


In most cases the first person whom I client will speak to over the phone will be the UK security receptionist and this is why these professionals will have to be trained in the proper use of telephones and how to speak with potential clients. It is important that they know how to obtain the maximum amount of information from anyone who phones the security office. All such information has to be recorded by the UK security receptionist so that it could be followed up where necessary. A lot of that information could be handed over to the security rep who is responsible for getting new business for the company and it will often happen that those information could lead to new business for that security company.

What about visitors?


It will often happen that visitors come to the security office for interviews with management or to discuss new business with management and this will require UK security receptionists to be presentable and neatly dressed so that they display a proper image. We all know the saying first impressions is the most important and this will most certainly apply to the UK security receptionist. This person will need to be able to provide the visitor with all information relating to services and other security-related assistance which is provided by the security company. An efficient UK security receptionist can do a lot to convince the visitor about the ability of that security company and this is why the receptionist really have to be able to communicate all available information to visitors who come to that security office.

How is all of this accomplished?


It is important that UK security receptionists receive security related training in order to enable them to do their jobs as effectively as possible. It will be an excellent idea if UK security receptionists goes for at least basic security training preferably at a SIA accredited security training center. This will really help to prepare them for their responsibilities as UK security receptionists. In the modern security company it is very important that all employees is qualified to provide effective security at all times and the UK security receptionist is no exception to this rule. Everybody in that security company have to work together to ensure total efficiency and when required everyone has to contribute to the reputation and the image of that security company.

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