UK security receptionist

What does a receptionist do?

An UK security receptionists which is working at the entrance to a Corporation or other business will be the first person whom visitors see after they had passed through the initial security. The security receptionist will be responsible to verify whether a visitor has been approved for entry onto the premises and she will have to contact the relevant business person who will either have to come to security to meet with the visitor or alternatively a security escort will have to be arranged to take that visitor where they need to go. The UK security receptionist will be required to verify the identification of that visitor and the person will have to sign the security register and they should provide a name and contact information for verification purposes.

What about the image?

It will be vital that the UK security receptionist is presentable and well-dressed, maintaining a high level of personal hygiene. We’ve all heard the expression that first impressions are the ones which will be remembered for a very long time. Not every UK security receptionist may fit in with the image which a specific Corporation or business may want to exhibit to their clients or business partners. Things such as personality, client interaction and professionalism will be very important to ensure a favorable image. This is some of the things which will have to be specifically looked at during the employment process and it should be ensured that only UK security receptionists who has been well trained and who have extensive experience relating to client service and security issues will be considered for this position.

What about the SIA?

All UK security receptionists have to register with the SIA and therefore this organization will be able to provide corporations and businesses with an extensive list of qualifying receptionists which they could use at their businesses. The responsibilities of security receptionists is considerable and it is important that it is done correctly and that there is a balance between security and satisfactory client service. Applying too much pressure, more than could reasonably be expected under specific circumstances could lead to very serious problems. However been too lenient and friendly could result in serious risks for that Corporation or business and therefore it is important that at very fine balance is maintained by UK security receptionists. Security will always remain the primary objective of such a receptionist.

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