UK security services

What’s the function of security services?

The most important responsibility which UK security services have is to protect people and property. They will be responsible to carry out many other duties but among all of those the most important will always be the protection of people and property. This is an ongoing endeavor as far as security in London is concerned because of the relatively large percentage of criminals that are active in the city of London. This can be clearly seen when people visit the website for local police stations which clearly shows that thousands of crimes is committed in the city of London every year and this is why UK security services is fighting a never ending battle against criminal organizations. It has been proven that the mere visible presence of UK security services is acting as a deterrent against criminals.

What does the statistics show?

It is a proven fact that criminal activities in London is costing the city millions of pounds every year. Every single article which is stolen is adding to the total score and when one considers that there is thousands of criminals which is getting away with thousands of crimes, it quickly becomes apparent why UK security services is necessary to control the situation. Things such as shoplifting, theft, assault, and even arson is things which happens frequently in the city of London. Likewise shoplifters and pickpockets is involved in an unceasing attack against the retail industry. Law enforcement, the general public and UK security services have to work closely together in an attempt to oppose these criminals in every way possible. We need to protect the inheritance of our children.

What about training?

The SIA or otherwise known as the security industry Authority is the organization which is responsible for the regulation of the security industry in the UK. Every security officer that wishes to work in the UK has to be registered with the SIA and before registration is possible they will be required to complete at least basic security training. This is to ensure that UK security services is able to provide a minimum level of security to individuals and businesses. UK security services need to have a thorough understanding of all UK laws and they need to know what to do when criminals is encountered. They need to know how to do a citizen’s arrest, how to write crime reports and how to effectively testify in a court of law.

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