UK security services – Isn’t there enough security people?

UK security services – Isn’t there enough security people?

Where ever people go with in the borders of London they see dozens of security people and many of them who does not understand the crime situation in the city is sometimes articulating the question whether there isn’t already enough UK security services in this country. People become especially irritated when they have to wait in line at the entry to a large Corporation while UK security services is searching the baggage compartment of every motor vehicle entering that premises. They become irritated at night when they go to their favorite nightclub and the UK security services doing service as bouncers at that nightclub are keeping them waiting for an hour or more because the club is already overflowing. Likewise when they arrive at their local bank just as the bank is closing for business they are confronted by UK security services employed by that bank who politely inform them that the business is closed.

Don’t we have too much security in the city?

If they were too many UK security services then certainly this fact would have been confirmed by the crime databases which exist in this country. Then certainly the websites of local police departments would have shown a lot less crime taking place in those neighborhoods. Unfortunately this is not the case since even the smallest town Police Department has thousands felonies registered on their databases for things such as shoplifting, assault, antisocial behavior and a whole range of other criminal activities and the statistics leaves us with no other conclusion, we need even more UK security services to ensure law and order in London. The conclusion is inescapable, there are too much people that are making foolish decisions when they come under pressure and this is leading to actions which bring them in conflict with the laws of this country.

What could be done?

Law enforcement as well as UK security services is very expensive and it is costing the city of London millions of pounds annually. Even though new UK security services personnel is trained each year it seems that people with criminal intentions are increasing at the same rate and sometimes even faster. Is this because moral standards is lower than ever and citizens often shut their eyes and the ears when they become aware of criminal activities instead of reporting those atrocities to the responsible law-enforcement agencies. We need a concerted effort from UK security services, law enforcement and the general public in order to ensure that crime does not take over this amazing city.

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