UK security staff – How strict is security companies when employing?

UK security staff – How strict is security companies when employing?

In my days as a security manager the personnel department may interview a hundred applicants and out of that entire group 3% and sometimes 4% are successful with their applications to join our group of security staff. The entire group have the necessary security qualifications but as their job history is investigated as well as criminal records several things quickly become apparent which then leads to their disqualification sometimes because of a criminal record which has not been declared or some other misconduct which has been revealed to the personnel department by a previous company. At our company we were only employing the cream of the crop. Amazingly even then it still required strict supervision to ensure that everyone complies with company regulations. It seems that even among that 3 or 4% at least 75% is still rebels that will take chances where ever they get the opportunity.

Is security then of any value?

The reality is every single business in London is in this exact same situation and just like security staff workers are walking a very fine line between compliance with company regulations and getting their own way. How many will arrive at work barely a minute or two before there shift start. Likewise they will go on launch exactly on time and will return to work exactly when required. They would do the minimum amount of work which is allowable by that company or business. This phenomena can be observed in most sectors of the industry. Does this make security staff worse than their counterparts in other industries?

Does security employment standards differ?

Most definitely there are some companies with poor reputations that are not nearly as strict when they employ security staff. This why the majority of their security staff may be unsavory characters that simply does not belong in a security company. Using companies with this quality of security staff could result in a whole lot of negative consequences for a client company. Many incidents could take place that could result in civil lawsuits and other actions against the client company which may lead to a situation where the reputation of such a company may suffer. I personally would prefer to work with a company that uses the top 3 or 4% of available applicants even though they may not be perfect rather than facing the uncertainties of working with security staff that has not been subjected to these very strict sifting processes.

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