UK security staff

How security officers is chosen

In my days as a security manager the screening process for security officers was a very rigorous set up and many things was considered and typically out of 100 applicants, maybe three or four would qualify as UK security staff. Now we’re only talking about the hundred which has already been screened out of the thousand or more who has handed in their written application. Those written applications have been carefully scrutinized to ensure that only those who have the necessary qualifications will be invited for one on one interviews. By this stage most of the previous company’s where these people have worked have already been contacted and criminal records have been checked to ensure that none of the applicants who have applied to become UK security stuff had been in any trouble with the law.

How important is reputation?

The fact of the matter is that only UK security staff companies who are consistently providing the very best level of security will continue to grow and expand in the UK security industry. This is why the screening process when new security staff is needed is making use of such very strict measures. Every attempt is made to eliminate chancers or any person who may even remotely be a threat to the reputation of that company. This is why the success of all hopeful UK security staff is something between two and 4% of those who actually make it to the interview. This is very important statistics for large corporations and businesses who are serious to employee only the very best UK security staff companies because they know that these companies will always provide the very best service.

What should be done?

Reputation and a good name is vital in today’s competitive business environment and therefore it is critical that only UK security staff companies is used that is complying fully with all the regulations of the SIA. One of those regulations stipulates that UK security staff will be fully trained by a SIA accredited security training institution. This is in order to ensure that companies who are making use of security companies will have a guarantee that the security which they will receive will be of an acceptable standard. Many corporations who have made use of low cost security, had ran into serious problems which had a very negative impact on their reputation and good name and in many cases this has led to a decrease in profits for those companies.

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