UK security supervisors

What is their function?


Just like in every other industry, there is supervisors who are responsible to oversee other employees, likewise UK security supervisors have been placed in charge of other security officers and it is their duty to ensure that those people do the jobs for which they are being paid. Supervisors has always been around for hundreds and even thousands of years. There were always those who were natural leaders and who have been appointed as overseers over others. Likewise UK security supervisors is experienced security officers, mostly with many years of experience in the industry and therefore they are used to ensure that the premises for which they are responsible will always be as secure as possible at all times. Therefore the supervisor will continuously be on the move in order to ensure maximum productivity.

How is this done?


The responsibilities of UK security supervisors will start when they come on duty and they will have to communicate with the supervisor from the previous shift in order to learn whether anything has happened that they should know about. There after they should ensure that all security equipment which has been allocated to that site is accounted for and that nothing has been damaged or lost during the previous shift. This is very important because UK security supervisors will be held responsible for all property for which they had signed in the occurrence book. This is why this handing over process should be taken very seriously and the supervisor should make absolutely sure that all of the equipment which is necessary to do their jobs is accounted for such as torches, batons and the radios for communication.

What about inspection?


UK security supervisors have to ensure that every person who comes on duty is properly dressed in the security uniform of the company and that they are neat and presentable. This is very important for the image and reputation of that security company because anyone who is not presentable may cause a lot of unnecessary problems for that security company. It may even happen that a representative of the client company may complain to the head office of that security company which could potentially cause a lot of problems for UK security supervisors. Once security officers had been properly inspected they must then be told what they should do for the rest of their shift, some will be on duty at the main gate while others will have to patrol the premises.

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