UK security

What is the risk?


UK security is very aware of the fact that there is a system in place in the UK which determines the current UK threat level and this system has been in place since 2006. This system is used by the UK government to warn against various forms of terrorist activity and the purpose of this system is to indicate how UK government departments should react to each of these different threat levels. The important thing for most UK security forces is to understand that since 2014 the threat level has been on severe, it was previously on substantial. Three situations is constantly monitored such as the threat from international terrorism, also terrorism threats related to Northern Ireland in Northern Ireland itself. Then also terrorism threat related to Northern Ireland in Great Britain.

What is the different levels?


UK security know that the highest threat level is critical, followed by the current level which is severe, then the next level is substantial, followed by moderate and low. On the critical level an attack could be expected at any time while on this severe level an attack is highly likely to take place. On the substantial level an attack is a strong possibility while on moderate an attack is still possible but very unlikely. The current severe level should be taken seriously by all UK security and everything possible has to be done to secure the safety of both people and property and to avoid a situation where the economic well-being of the UK is jeopardized. This will require a partnership between law enforcement, the military industrial security and the general public.

What has to be done?


Every UK citizen has a responsibility to ensure that nothing takes place within the borders of this country that could be a threat to the security of this country. The general public is often in a perfect position to notice suspicious behavior and actions which is taking place and these things has to be reported to UK security and other responsible agencies so that those situations could be investigated. The inheritance of coming generations may depend upon the actions which is taken by this current generation. We see so many countries where people who are in leadership take foolish decisions which is jeopardizing the opportunities which will be available to future generations. UK security and every one living in the UK must avoid this from happening in this country.




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