Venue security in London (UK)

What about Wembley Stadium?


This Stadium is probably one of the most important sports venues in the UK and it has a massive economic impact because of the high level events which is hosted here and this is why venue security in London has the important role of ensuring complete security at this venue. This Stadium has been one of the showpieces as far as sporting events in the UK is concerned and it has the capacity to seat as many as 90,000 spectators which makes it perfect for high-level sporting events. It is not only those people who are doing business in this Stadium who benefit from events which is taking place here because research has clearly indicated that many business in the vicinity of the Wembley Stadium also benefit because of the increased visibility of their businesses.

What about the sporting events?


Soccer is the sport which is mostly practiced in the Wembley Stadium, but it is also occasionally used for rugby and even for boxing. At all of these important events it will always be venue security in London which has to ensure the complete security of this venue. It is a well-known fact that where a large crowd of people are gathered together in one place, as many of 30% of people in that crowd could have criminal intentions and this is why event security in London have to do everything possible to deter people with criminal intentions and this is done primarily through a visible security presence. Therefore access control is done and there will always be frequent security patrols which has only one purpose and that is to discourage people from engaging in criminal activity.

What about training?


The importance of training as far as venue security in London is concerned has been well-established over the last couple of decades and it is a well-known fact that people who have not received basic training will simply not be prepared to deal with the many challenges which could be encountered. Criminal organizations is continuously discovering new ways in which to benefit from their criminal activities and many of the methods and strategies will be difficult to identify without adequate security training. This is exactly why the SIA will only register people who has received basic security training and only then will people be allowed to acquire employment as venue security in London officers.

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