VIP protection in London UK

What is all the fuss?

These days every second person could temporarily qualify as a VIP just because they have the money to pay for the privileges which is normally accorded to a VIP but generally VIP protection in London is something which is provided to someone who is making a special contribution to the country and who are therefore a possible target to terrorist and other perpetrators of crimes. Nevertheless it can be confusing and a clear definition of VIP is not always readily available. Generally it’s an important and influential dignitary, which could be high-ranking politicians, a very wealthy person and even celebrities seems to qualify for the title of VIP these days. However from a government point of view VIP protection in London will only be provided to important politicians or high-ranking government employees.

What about corporate CEOs?

This CEOs of large corporations is often very much a part of the long-term planning of that specific Corporation and therefore at least in the corporate structure they are considered to be very important persons and therefore they will be provided with VIP protection in London in order to ensure that they have complete protection at all times. It will be very disrupting to such a Corporation, if their CEO is lost because of an action which may have been initiated by the competition and this will also not be reflecting very well on the corporate image. This could lead to a whole lot of negative publicity and the public image of that Corporation could be damaged severely. All of this could be avoided by simply making use of VIP protection in London.

How should people proceed?

VIP protection in London as well as the rest of the security industry is strictly regulated by the SIA and only security companies which has been registered with this organization is allowed to provide VIP protection specialists to potential clients. Before the SIA was formed, corporations and private people often had no option but to make use of a VIP protection in London, about which there were often very little known and it was just about impossible to verify the training and skills of those so-called VIP protection specialists. However since the SIA has been formed, the situation has changed completely and everything is now strictly regulated and this includes VIP protection in London.

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