Warehouse security in London

There are many kinds of warehouses

Within the consumer industry there are many kinds of businesses that are making use of warehouses in order to store product’s which has been manufactured before such products are distributed to businesses where they are going to be sold. The question that many people would probably ask is how much of a risk does such a warehouse pose to its owners? How many warehouse security guards may be necessary to protect this property against all possible risks? The answer would be that it depends upon the specific kind of products which are stored in such a warehouse. On military level there may be warehouses that are used to store highly classified resources some of which may be nuclear or chemical or the latest military technology. Such a warehouse will be protected by a very large number of military personnel doing service as warehouse security guards in order to ensure that such a facility will remain as safe as possible from possible attacks. On the low end of the scale may be a warehouse that is used to store relatively low cost by products which are used in a specific manufacturing process. These byproducts may not be of value to the man on the street and therefore the possibility of theft is significantly reduced therefore requiring only a small number of warehouse security guards.

Choosing an adequate level of protection

As we have already seen there are a substantial difference in products which could reasonably be expect to be stored in a specific warehouse and therefore different levels and numbers of warehouse security guards will be required. Many warehouse managers would therefore ask the question how do they determine their risk factor involved and what could they do to ensure that adequate protection has been acquired? The best possible solution would be to obtain the services of an experienced security analyst who will be able to properly analyze the warehouse and its contents and then carefully calculate the number of warehouse security guards which may be required to ensure adequate protection for such a warehouse.

The use of technology

There are many warehouse owners that have invested heavily in electronic security such as cameras, alarms and motion sensors and many of them are now asking the question whether extra warehouse security guards are really necessary? Many of them has made a one-time investment in electronic security and now they are expecting to save by no longer making use of warehouse security guards. It all depends where exactly the warehouse is located. If such a warehouse is located in an area where response time may be five minutes or more, this can provide criminal elements with more than enough time to snatch one or two valuable items and successfully flee the scene before any reaction forces arrive. Having warehouse security guards on-site therefore has some benefits.

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