Warehouse Security

Some reasons why most warehouse owners use One Staff Solutions for their warehouse security. The majority of warehouses are extremely large buildings and normally situated in more isolated areas; making them an easier target for criminals to attempt to gain entrance with the intension of vandalising or stealing goods and merchandise. Warehouses must be protected especially at night to make sure that no unauthorised individual gains entrance. Warehouse security officers are not only experienced at protecting your property, but are in addition to afford protection to your employees, our officers will patrol your area to be sure that all is as it should be and are pivotal in preventing theft.  Majority of the time merely having the presence of security guards on site can prevent theft and be intimidating to those thinking of trespassing.

One Staff Solutions’ administrative teams are able to render a detailed, with no obligation consultation and quotation for whatever security services that you may require; we’re capable to ascertain your precise requirements. Each of the assignments we take on will have customised typed operating instructions prepared for our officers to conform to. As no two assignments and requirements are ever the same. We care for each and all our valued clients on an individual basis, dependant on their precise requirements. With this approach, we are able to ensure that the most effective and professional service is afforded to all our valued clients.

Many examples can be made why security officers are required; among the greatest concerns that companies have with their warehouses are larceny, vandalism and trespassing; having our officers on site can prevent such situations occurring. Of course our officers would also be available for any other emergency that may arise throughout their shift day or night. Not only are they available to protect your facility, but your employees and visitors.

One individual situation in 2012 there was a shipment of computers were taken from a container parked inside the grounds of a warehouse awaiting to be unloaded the following morning, the contents were valued at £330,000; unfortunately the company had only one of its own employees ‘guarding’  but apparently he had fallen asleep during the night! The owner called us the following morning and we very quickly assessed his requirements and designed a security plan for him. The company is now one of our valued clients.

Warehouse managers or owners ought to have peace of mind when they leave their premises and never have to concern themselves of the possible mishaps that may take place at their facility.  One Staff warehouse security officers on site is the solution for this and numerous different situations.

If you require any information on how we are able to assist in creating a more risk-free surroundings for your warehouse utilising our warehouse security, please do not delay, give us a call.

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