What could be learned from the Queen’s guard?

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What could be learned from the Queen’s guard?

Event security in London could learn a lot regarding the safety of crowds as well as the safety of celebrities by observing the actions of the Queen’s guard. Ceremonial parades has become very popular tourist attractions in the city of London especially around the royal residences. This has led to a situation where many tourists and even permanent residents of Great Britain has come to the false assumption that those guards are serving merely as ceremonial entities without the actual military experience or force to act against possible terrorist attacks or other threats. However the casual observer of those ceremonial guards are entirely mistaken to reach such uninformed conclusions because in reality the Queen’s guard are well-trained military personnel that are armed with lethal weapons which are loaded with live ammunition. These members of the Queen’s guard could provide event security in London specialists with excellent advice when it comes to the very important matter of events security.

What is the function of the Queen’s guard?

These highly trained soldiers have the responsibility of guarding the Royal residences within the boundaries of the United Kingdom. These individuals will be responsible for access control at those residences where they are posted and they will also be responsible for patrolling those premises 24 hours a day in order to ensure the safety of the royal family. We are not talking about your big shot celebrity or some other person of importance but rather in this instance these people are responsible for the safety of the Royal family of Great Britain and that is why only the most exemplary military officers and other personnel are employed with in the Queen’s guard. Which is exactly why event security in London should observe the way in which this very important unit function.

What lessons could be learned from the Queen’s guard?

Only the most exemplary military officers and other personnel is used when it comes to the safety of the British monarch.Although the members of the Queen’s guard may appear to be merely ceremonial in nature and may be seen by tourists and other visitors as only existing in order to add a measure of pomp and exhibitionism to the whole monarchy thing the truth is that the Queen’s guard is in fact the best among the best with in the British Armed Forces. Event security in London companies should likewise ensure that when it comes to the protection of celebrities and to controlling the crowds which these people will attract it is vitally important to employ only the very best event security officers.

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