What does a private investigation prepare for us?

In recent years, I often come across different news connected to private detectives. This news is not related to the situations when someone eavesdropped on someone and then put it out to the public. The question is about participation and involvement of private detectives in different spheres of our private lives.  For instance, just a couple of years ago insurance companies started to ask for private detective’s help in investigation of road traffic accidents and other insurable events connected to car insurance. Later, court enforcement officers started to use the service of private detectives to search for creditors, evaders of maintenance payments and their property and assets. Copyright holders of video games also started to attract private detectives to the process of test purchase and investigation in the sphere of piracy.

It is clear that any private detective puts a list of the services offered on the website. However, it is not very clear what methods they use for their work. Each case is unique and it is difficult to choose and connect services to the methods which the detective should use. There is no point to write about the methods which the detective will use for the solution of the problem on the website as a particular problem requires a particular solution for it.

A lot of our clients think that they are specialists in private investigation after having watched specialty television programs and having read the novels and come to the private agency not with a problem but with prepared methods of its solution which are not only incorrect but also illegal. They include getting details of mobile calls, wiretapping and even doing a pornography movie featuring their wife or husband. In doing so, clients don’t often realise that the responsibility may often lay not only on   the doers but also on the customers.

The private investigation market is quite old, however, state, supervising agencies or mass media didn’t make any efforts to cover the questions of who private detectives are and what and how they do their work.

Of course, recently, mass media started publishing more and more interviews with the representatives of this profession and articles about the work of private detectives.
The above-mentioned facts makes people know more about the service which is used by the whole world for many years.

The work of a private detective is considered to be one of the most difficult. This job is very dangerous and unpredictable. It often involves team work. As far as spying is concerned, one detective is not able to cope with it on his own as it requires working from different directions at the same time for the accuracy of the work.

It may seem an exciting adventure to someone but it is not true at all as this job requires good physical strength, moral stability and, last but not least, an irrational mind.

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