What is a security guard?

The broad description of a security guard

A security guard is an individual which has been specifically trained to protect both people and property against all forms of criminal activities. Because these people will often be required to make citizens arrests they need to be extensively trained in all aspects relating to citizens arrests. Going about a citizen’s arrest in the wrong way could result in very negative consequences both for the security guard as well as for the business whether they are employed and in some cases lawsuits could follow. To understand what a security guard is it will be important to discuss the kind of personality that will be needed in order to succeed in this profession. A security guard will need to be patient, disciplined and very attentive in other words they should have excellent observational skills in order to enable them to identify possible criminal activities. Unfortunately many individuals enter the security industry because they have no other prospects and these people end up giving the industry a bad name.

Successful security training

We live in a sophisticated environment where there are criminal elements that are constantly finding new ways to exploit the system and this is why security training institutions has to comprehensively address all of the situations which may be encountered by security officers. Once that basic training has been concluded a security officer should continue to educate themselves in order to become more competent with in their industry. Fortunately there are a lot of information available on the Internet and it is also possible to read books on the subject or to engage in some martial arts training or anything else that will allow a security officer to become more competent in executing their duties.

This job carries a lot of responsibility

To those citizens who may be asking the question what is a security guard, the answer is that they are often the first line of defense between unsuspecting victims and to violent criminals. Far too many citizens are looking down upon security guards thinking of them as a lower class of being that is until their lives are saved by the vigilance and the bravery of a security guard. It is time that the public join hands with security guards because the prevention of crime is the responsibility of every citizen and not just only the responsibility of security guards. What a security guard actually is, often only becomes clear to people after they had found himself in a situation where they were critically dependent on the help from such a security guard.

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