What is expected from hospital security?

What security guard should never do?

Hospital security guards in London should first and foremost ensure the safety of people and property. The worst hospital security which I have ever encountered was at Chris Hani hospital in Soweto South Africa. My child has collapsed at the nearby Gold Reef city fun park and she was rushed to the Chris Hani hospital and it will be an understatement to say that this was a traumatic experience for our family. Hospital security guards in Londonare mostly well-trained in exactly how to deal with patients and their families in the showing of compassion, understanding the emotional stress under which these people often function. However atChris Hani hospital there seems to be an absolute absence of compassion and the security guards are acting as if they are guarding prisoners in a high-security prison system. Although the security guards should probably be looked at by considering the wider spectrum of the environment and also the kind of patients and visitors which are mostly seen at this facility. Also this is one of the primary health care institutions for millions of residence in the area.

What is expected from hospital security?

The majority of patients, family of patients as well as hospital employees appreciate the efforts which are made by hospital security guards in London and elsewhere on the planet. It is generally accepted that this people have a very important function where they have to find a balance betweensecuring the hospital but they also have to remember that they are dealing with people who are experiencing varying levels of trauma because of their uncertainty regarding the progress of the health condition of their loved ones. Hospital security guards in London cannot therefore act in the same way as they would act in a general store because they should understand that people who are experiencing extensive trauma may sometimes act in strange ways not because they have criminal intentions but because they are in emotional turmoil because of their concern for their loved ones.

Who should qualify for the position of hospital security guard?

The most successful hospital security guards in London will be those who have themselves experienced trauma because of sickness in the family or a possible death. Because of those traumatic experiences these hospital security guards in London would be in the perfect condition to understand why the family of patients act in the way that they do because they themselves were once in that same position.


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