What is the essential function of a bodyguard services in London?

What is the essential function of a bodyguard services in London?

Bodyguard services in London has voiced concern about an incident a couple of months ago involving Prince Charles where a perpetrator managed to come relatively close to the Prince before this perpetrator was apprehended. When this situation was analyzed afterwards it was determined that the body guards responsible for the safety of the Prince simply took too long to respond to the threat. Bodyguard services in London maintain that in order to effectively eliminate any possible threat it is vitally important that a bodyguard respond in less than one second. In other words they have to identify the possible threat, they have to analyze the situation and then necessary action has to be taken with in the first second in order to ensure the safety of the client. Even then a response time of one second may simply be too slow to prevent a true professional from accomplishing his mission which may be the elimination of the target.

What could be the consequences?

The reality is that if this situation involving Prince Charles involved a true professional attacker it is quite possible that the Prince would not be alive today. If that were the case the blame would rest squarely on the shoulders of those people who are responsible for his protection. The Queen’s guard is the unit responsible for protection of the Royal family. Many people have made the mistake of assuming that this guard is merely ceremonial in nature and is existing primarily for the entertainment value which they provide to tourist and other visitors to the royal residences. This assumption is false because among all bodyguard services in London the Queen’s guard are in fact one of the most elite forces available in Great Britain. These people are extensively trained military personnel who has been specifically selected for their services as bodyguards to the royal family. As such it is simply unacceptable that someone could manage to approach a royal family member in this way.

What could bodyguard services in London learn from this incident?

Bodyguard should always remain vigilant and they should be intensely aware of their surroundings and they should immediately identify persons or objects which are out of place and which simply does not belong in the immediate area where their clients are supposed to appear. All of these things are included in the training of all bodyguard services in London in order to prepare these professionals to deliver service which will always be of the highest possible standard with in the industry.

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