What is the purpose of hospital security guards?

What is the purpose of hospital security guards?

The primary purpose of hospital security guards will be to ensure the safety of all patients who have been admitted to such a hospital and also to ensure the safety of personnel who are employed at such an institution. Secondly they will have to protect the property of such a hospital both against vandalism and against possible theft. Hospital security guards have to be especially careful when it comes to the pharmaceutical products which are on the premises because this will always be a major temptation especially for people who are addicted to such substances. The problem which may be facing hospital security guards is the growing demand for medical attention which could lead to a situation where such a health institution are literally stampeded by patients. This will require well-trained and experienced hospital security guards that will be able to maintain very high levels of access control thereby eliminating all possible threats to such a hospital.

How should hospital security guards approach their duties?

It should never be forgotten that a hospital is an institution which are providing a critical service to the community and that most of the people coming to such a hospital are experiencing a high degree of trauma. Most of the visitors coming to see such a hospital have a family member or a friend that may be fighting for their lives. Although the primary duty of hospital security guards will be to execute their duties after the best of their ability they should never neglect to show adequate levels of compassion towards traumatized patients and their families. I had been in the unfortunate position where I had a very ill daughter that were admitted to hospital where the actions and the attitude of security guards were more compatible with a high-security prison rather than with a hospital. This is unfortunate because this is certain not the kind of treatment that a patient or their family deserve.

The dignity of the patients

What should the hospital do in order to ensure the dignity of both patients which has been admitted as well as the dignity of traumatized family members and friends? It will be vitally important to only employ hospital security guards which has passed a probation period successfully where they have shown full compliance with hospital regulations and where they have exhibited adequate levels of compassion with both patients and their families. Without a careful balance between these two objectives a lot of animosity could be created which will result in a multitude of complaints which may negatively impact upon the reputation of that hospital.

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