Why Hire Security Guards?

Our existing clients already are aware of the exceptional commitment to their task all guards posses. Their proactive attitude to protecting your assets, gives our company the enviable reputation. All our security guards are well groomed, superbly disciplined; we provide both uniformed and plain clothed guards. Whether you requirement is an assessment to your existing security, or need a professional security company to design a security package for you. The competent and committed staffs at One Staff Solutions will have the solution by recommending the ultimate security system and procedures that are available today.

Each business has varied protection requirements to avoid criminality and vandalism. Our comprehensive methods and incomparable knowledge of the management of security issues, we have the tested procedures in carrying out our commitment to our clients and most importantly, at a highly competitive cost.
Perhaps you are contemplating the idea of engaging security guards for your property and have the mistaken idea that it is likely to be very expensive and time consuming to arrange. This is not so, it takes a telephone call to us. Our security assessors will very quickly come up with an ideal package meeting your demands and financial constraints and simultaneously render to you our elite security guards that will deter any would be criminal accessing your premises or vandalising your property.

Protect your retail business from shoplifters.

Irrespective how large your business concern is, you will have valuable merchandise and employees that require being kept safe and protected. Shoplifters are among the greatest fears for owner or managers in the retail industry. Not merely by reducing your product available to genuine customers, but it can be serious enough for a company already struggling to survive in today‚Äôs market place, that it could force a company to close it’s doors attributable to the loss of net income. Engaging your retail security guards from One Staff Solutions you are able to relax knowing that our uniformed or discreet guards are protecting your business, staff, customers and your valuable stock.

Protect your event from intoxicated and raucous conduct
Whenever you plan an event during the summer, among your headaches may be the difficulty in handling the raucous conduct of drunken party revellers. Clearly, you wish for your event to be enjoyable and a success. With our experienced and totally committed guards providing the required visual presence and deterrence within your event or at the entrances they will ensure that your guests and clients are safe and enjoy themselves.

Protect your factory or warehouse.

Factories and warehousing is normally located in more remote areas and therefore not so vigorously patrolled by our over stretched police force. Making them an ideal opportunity for criminals and vandals to enter and steal or destroy your valuable property, it is the last thing you want to be worrying about while you are at home or away from your property.
One Staff Solutions can provide alarmed response team, or construct a security fence to provide a deterrent to those wishing to enter your premises and stop it becoming a target would be criminals and hooligans intent causing damage and burglary.

Protect your construction site from metal theft

Building sites are a prime target for criminals these days, especially as many valuable materials are stored specifically cabling, second fixing such as bathroom suites, kitchens and of course more valuable machinery used in construction. Nowadays metal theft is flourishing as the cost of scrap metal increases each day. If any part of your site is unprotected, rest assure that criminals vandal will soon be visiting your site

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