Why is people kidnapped?

The motivation is almost always financial gain
And the amazing fact of the matter is that kidnapping is something which are happening in our modern societies more frequently than most people would care to admit. If it’s not the pirates of Somalia that are kidnapping people then it is Islamists like those in Nigeria that are kidnapping young schoolgirls. But when we look at our television sets or listen to our radios or read our newspapers we quickly see that kidnappings are something that also happens in first world countries where people are frequently kidnapped from our communities. Scotland Yard recently reported that an 11-year-old boy that was kidnapped and was held for 24 hours was released unharmed. But the question remains what lunatic kidnaps an 11-year-old child without any consideration for the trauma which are caused to the child as well as his family. Apparently a ransom amount was demanded but Scotland Yard gave no further information regarding this case.
A caring parent does not compromise the safety of his child
We have two daughters one who is staying by herself and that is a teacher and another girl in her final year of high school. Although we have been struggling financially for many years our children were always taken to school and then picked up again in the afternoon. They did not walk home. Maybe we are overprotective but we refuse to take any chances when it comes to the safety of our children. This does not mean that no harm can come on them but as far as it is possible we will do anything a parent can do to ensure their safety. We regularly see young children between ages five and 10 walking alone in our suburb without any parental protection. Parents should realize that these children could become the target of kidnappers.
Our children is precious, we should protect them
Thousands of children are kidnapped every year that are never seen by their parents ever again. This is totally unnecessary and this is exactly why parents should take control of the situation and they should know exactly where the children are at any time of the day or night. If this is not done that oversight may be regretted when the child is no longer there. We as parents are responsible for the well-being and the safety of our children and we should never compromise but rather we should do anything to ensure that our children are safe and sound.

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