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With the ever increasing crime in our capital, coupled with the massive cut backs in our police force, with even more planned in the future. It is not surprising that crime pays!

There is now a bigger risk to your business, communal areas and homes.

More emphasis is being made in increasing traffic wardens, than police on the ‘beat’, so it’s not surprising that acts of vandalism and other criminal acts is are on the increase.

These crime stats are real and you should never believe, my business enterprise will never become a statistic. Because probability is that it could. Without an suitable degree of protection you’re leaving yourself perilously undefended against crime. Whether you need a corporate office manned, a singular event, perhaps a warehouse storing valuables, or even a sporting occasion, One Staff Solutions has the experience and the proactive nature to provide you with the security that your organisation needs and deserves. Our goal continues to be delivery of the highest level of safety and security services for our customers. We do that by delivering expert, professional security services in london, continually identifying ways to improve, and creating comprehensive solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We also recognise that delivering outstanding security services is the best way we can help our clients manage costs.

We look forward to all that the future months have to offer for our organisation and our clients. And we thank all our customers for entrusting One Staff Solutions to supply our expertise for their security and safety needs. We take our responsibilities seriously and we strive to improve and enhance delivery of services every day.

We thank all our clients for permitting us to play a small part of your ongoing success and growth.

How does crime affect London businesses?

Crime damages the business sector all over our capital. Criminals equally target local stores and internet only businesses. In numerous instances, the threat could occur by an individual outside of the organisation. Internal theft is frequently a problem also. Business proprietors must consider of efficient and effective methods to preclude and address these problems. One Staff Solution’s security officers in London are available to assist and design a security system, so your customers and employees feel secure and protected inside your premises, whilst simultaneously you’re additionally protecting all that’s pivotal and most-valuable to you from larceny, burglary and malicious mischief.

One Staff Solutions helping your business.

Once you engage One Staff Solutions in London you’ll be astonished of the professionalism and sense of security they will bestow to your business and personnel. Having an proactive visible prevention combating crime. We can bring specialist protection and knowledge appropriate to protect different businesses. We are able to provide mobile patrols and one point protection officers. If you have a business in London, One Staff Solutions has the answer. Our security force will beyond their call of duty, and will protect your business as though it were their own. Ensuring that you, your staff and property are always protected and comes to no harm. Contact One staff Solutions today, for a no obligation quotation and take precautions against any threats to your business.

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