A Cab for an intoxicated “gent” – we’re tactful to everybody

After a trifle too much alcoholic beverage in a fashionable London bar, a client began sharing his personal troubles with other clients. Our protection officer assumed the initiative and telephoned a dependable cab company. Whilst waiting for them, our officer spoke friendly to the client and heeded to his troubles and with sympathy exhibited empathy. The remainder of the clients continued to enjoy a pleasurable evening out, with a pleasing ambiance. The cab came, and our security officer explained to the cabdriver the state of affairs with the inebriated customer and assured his secure back to his house.

Removal Tree Hugger’s

As a consequence from the taking possession of a wooded area by eco militants on a store’s intended construction site in Essex, One Staff Solution was employed to render a 24hr squad of SIA certified protection officers who stayed on-the-scene for numerous months to preclude the activist returning to the site before the superstore was constructed.

Post Removal Security

Following the removal of unlawful squatters, who had occupied a obsolete boat yard upon the Thames River close Richmond were forced out, One Staff Solution was employed to supply a team of SIA certified Security Officers to stay on the site till the current proprietors were available to assume ownership.

On the minute security cover

A large land preparation project in Kent. Which had large plant machinery and equipment on site requested our services when a effort by numerous people to get in to the site. With the intent, it would seem to steal the heavy plant and tools. The Site Manager contacted us and inside forty-five minutes, we provided six uniformed protection officers at the location. And with the cooperation of the police, the attempt to steal anything off the site was thwarted. Unnecessary to say, the Site Manager was exceedingly delighted with the result.

A Construction Contractor

We were called by a contractor to render out of work hours security patrols on a new children’s playground that was being constructed. Our patrols began, but it became obvious that because of persistent efforts to cause illegal damage by local juveniles, our canine unit was necessary to discourage additional efforts. These were proven successful and further attempts to cause any damage were not made.

Protection due to a marital split

Recently we rendered close at hand aegis for a female following a marital breakdown. Our officer was in attendance during the meeting by the past partner. The reason for the visit was so he could remove his personal possessions. For added reassurance to our client, our officer stayed for a while afterwards, as an added precaution.

Close Observation and Surveillance

We were contacted by a client to carry out an observation on an individual. Video recording, photos and a complete account was supplied to the clients, who were exceedingly gratified with our results. .A portion of our task constituted in depth convert information to a specific format, we were able to do this without any problems.

Community College Protected

We were contacted with very little notification to an adult community college in London. They had to demand the security company that were using to leave their premises after a catalogue of mistakes resulting in a student being assaulted and harmed while actually in a class.
The College Administrator was exceedingly pleased with the officers we have provided him with, even with the backup security officers.

Remaining secure at the expo

A company exhibiting at an exhibition requested us to provide them with a squad of eight security personnel for one week. With the increasing demand for security our team grew to 12. We oversaw and arranged complete security for more than a month. Paying close attention to their needs and being very flexible in dealing with their requirements. As a consequence on our completion of our contract, the manager of the exhibit was asked by another exhibitor which security company he had used, he recommended us.

Outsourcing our Recourses

We have often provided officers to other security companies on very short notice. On one occasion we were contacted late on a Friday evening. With a request for several officers to oversee security at an event in south London. Within 12 hours. We were able to send the six security officers needed.

Acquisition Investigation

On many occasions we have provided private investigation services to a reputable law practice. Their client was participating in a large merger and acquisition. On investigating, we exposed dishonest activity in he individual’s background which surely would be damaging to the acquisition.

Store Surveillance

On many occasions we are requested to provide and install Close Circuit Television equipment (CCTV) One of our recent clients was having a problem with pilfering in one of their stores and requested a survey of how we could minimise this problem. We suggested CCTV with the capabilities to be controlled and monitored remotely by computer
The store required to be opened continually while the installation was in progress, thereby not causing a fall in the shop sales.
We set up a progressive CCTV answer with both on-the-spot and remote control monitoring; the affect resulted in a marked drop in product losses for the store.
We have the knowledge and expertise with advanced analogue and IP CCTV solutions which enables us to design and install versatile answers planned to utilise modern technology.